Animal hair like boar hair, horse hair, or our unique buffalo hair brush are widely preferred to synthetic brushing materials by the beard care community because the keratin material that makes up animal hair, horn and bone is the same thing that makes up your beard. This means it will introduce less static, which makes beards brittle and vulnerable. It also distributes your beard’s natural oils and any beard oil you apply gently and evenly without snagging or creating microtears in the hair follicle’s protective cuticle like plastic brissles do.

  • Real buffalo¬†hair brush gives your beard a healthy sheen by evenly and gently distributing natural oils
  • Every buffalo horn handle is unique, and is left rough on top to display rugged texture and provide grip
  • Gently detangles and conditions individual follicles using 100% real buffalo Hair
  • Made from 100% all natural materials with textures, hues, and striations designed by nature – no one else will have your brush design
  • Beautifully polished horn handle will add a rugged design element to your space