//5 Gifts to Give Your Beard This Holiday Season

5 Gifts to Give Your Beard This Holiday Season

Do you know where Santa goes to take care of his deliciously fine facial locks? If you guessed here… well, we can’t confirm or deny anything, but let’s just say we taught him a thing or two about razoring through the snow.

Sorry, I’ll stop. But if you’re looking to treat your beard to something special this holiday season (or you’re looking to treat a beard that you love that is not your own), you know we’re your one-stop shop. Here are five products that we’re going to be sending to all of our beloved face-pantsers this season:

1. Traditional Scottish Horn Quaich

Scottish Drinking Horn Quaich

I shave my man’s head and beard for him a couple times a week, and I love nothing more than getting him a big, bowl of steaming, hot water. Started as a ritual for guests to drink in camaraderie, the quaich is beautifully sculpted from horn, just like our razors and beard brushes. For us, it lends an aura of mysticism and ritual to these weekly bonding times.

2. Whiskey Barrell Lazy Susan

Our friends over at WhiskeyMade.com created this gorgeous whiskey barrel lazy susan for passing food, but we recently put one into our bathroom so that I could access the shaving cream and our assortment of razors and brushes with ease. If you have the room in your bathroom, I strongly recommend it as beautiful, rustic space saver.

3. Buffalo Horn Beard Brush

Buffalo Horn Beard Brush

Our Buffalo Horn Hair Brush is not just made with buffalo horn– it’s made with buffalo hair, too. You’ve probably burned through brushes with other hair types– badger and horse. But we prefer using buffalo hair because it more evenly redistributes your naturally-produced (and store-bought) oils throughout your whole beard, and introduces far less static. Which means you get a more cleanly and comfortable beard, no matter how much growth you have going on.

5. Modern Barbarian Viking Beard Oil

Modern Barbarian Viking Beard Oil

No, this oil is not made of real vikings– don’t be ridiculous. Just because you’re a modern barbarian doesn’t mean you have to be confined to your own, bodily oils. Especially when we make some that are so aromatic & silky – is it so wrong of us to toot our own horn? Not when it’s so, so righteous.

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