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What Women Agree on When it Comes to Beards

You love your beard, your friends respect and envy it, but what does your girl really think about it? Recently, GQ’s online UK edition tried to find the answer – do women really like beards?

The short answer is yes.

The longer answer is still yes, usually (but not always, every woman is different, and so is every beard), but most women polled agree that a beard is sexiest if you take care of it.

GQ polled their female staffers to gather their opinions on beards, and here’s what some of the staff had to say about why they like beards (and how to keep it that way):

Your beard brings out your eyes

Your beard enhances the features of your face, which makes you naturally attractive. If you know a thing or two about makeup, beards work the same way mascara, sculpted brows, and false eyelashes do for women. Beards are also a great way to hide a weak chin or jawline.

Keep it conditioned

Since we have the science and technology to make your beard hairs softer, there’s no reason not to. Why have scratchy wires when you could have a big, soft blanket?

Keep it clean (and free of food leftovers)

Do women really like beards 2

Saving it for later.

While many of the GQ staffers said they loved beards, they don’t love finding leftovers in them. It’s hard to carry on a conversation with someone who has a big of steak jiggling off their chin.

Keep it groomed

Do Women Really Like Beards 3The general consensus in the GQ article was that beards should be trimmed to be no longer than 1 cm. We would tend to disagree with this – long beards can be a solid sign of dedication and confidence, as long as they’re kept neat.

Beard combs are an excellent way to keep your beard in superior shape, but the GQ staffers pointed out that there’s a time and a place. Don’t comb your beard anywhere where you wouldn’t want her to brush her hair, like at the table.

Don’t forget to shave your neck

Part of a well-kept beard is a clean-shaven neck, unless your beard is very long. Consider the style you’re going for, have a plan, and keep working at it.

On that note, the staffers also suggested you keep your nose and ear hair trimmed.

Check out the source article here. Let us know if you agree in the comments!


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